Getting Started

To compile Video Capture you need to do:

  • Make sure that you installed all dependencies
  • Clone the Video Capture repository from github
  • Compile using the build script

Building the library

Video Capture primary location is Github. To get the code clone the project:

git clone


Video Capture main development systems are Mac OS 10.9, Windows 8.1 and Arch Linux. On Linux we use the Video4Linux API, on Mac we use AVFoundation which are both part of the OS. On Windows you need to download the latest Windows SDK which provides the MediaFoundation libraries. We use CMake to compile the library and examples. The Video Capture library contains an OpenGL example. For this OpenGL example we depend on libglfw 3.

Compiling Video Capture on Mac and Linux

For Mac and Linux systems we use the same compile script. To compile follow these steps.

cd build

Compiling Video Capture on Windows

On windows we use CMake too with a build script. Development uses Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 Express. To compile on Windows follow these steps.

cd build
build.bat 64 release

Compiling programs that use Video Capture

To compile a program that uses Video Capture make sure to link with the created libvideocapture.a on Mac and Linux and the libvideocapture.lib file on Windows. The library is installed in the install directory that we create when you use the above describe build steps.

Also make sure to add a header search path to the headers that we also install into the install directory.